3 years ago

Work in Progress

The website is still in development, I lean heavily on the grav flatfile cms, because a db-implementation would be possible and I liked to try out something new. I implemented a custom eurorack module blueprint, which gives me a very usable backend and a very tidy frontend. This tidyness makes using the site far more enjoyable. For now there might still be many placeholder contents here.

I had a look at various Eurorack manufacturer's pages in order to find out what approaches I like as a user and what I should avoid. I found that Doepfer's site is usable, despite the ancient table and frames layout, but very untidy (essential modula data is practically never to be found at the same place in the same syntax, the positions of essential info is inconsistent). Mutable Instrument's site was nice, but somehow too nested (one had to step through 2-3 links to get to essential info), yet they have a outstanding integration of the manuals into the page. The most usable sites were by Make Noise and Intellijel, and I try to orient myself towards that a little more.