Who I am

Atoav modular is run by David Huss, an Austrian currently living in Hamburg, Germany. The main focus is to design and make modules for the eurorack system. Nowadays everybody wants to become a manufacturer, but I believe in the DIY-spirit of things. So despite the immensly big supply of modules today there still is a use and demand of creative modules, be it analog, digital or a weird mutant with parts of both. Creative Patching is creating creative and unheard sounds. Creative module choice and design even more so.

What I do

Atoav modular's goal is to make reliable multifunctional modules, which grant a field of combination possibilities and exploit the biggest advantages of each world – digital and analog. There are cybenetic structures in the analog realm, which even nowadays cannot be digitally simulated in satisfying ways (at least not in realtime) – think about the small imperfections and the complex behaviour of electronic circuits. On the other hand there are complex control structures possible in digital, which unbearably unflexible and expensive to implement in analog ways and won't bring any advantage to the artists.

The ultimate goal of atoav modular is not only to produce modules which have a reason to exist, but honestly also to make enough money to make it survive and build the next things, be it commercial or OpenHardware modules.