uO_C – Micro Ornament & Crime

2 years ago

The trend to create low-space-versions of existing open hardware eurorack modules is going on: there is a μBraids, a μClouds etc. It doesn't make sense all the time to force in a existing module's functionality in less HP tho. With the μBraids it makes sense, with the μClouds not so much, because functionality and usability suffers (you will find yourself twidling live more often with a effect module like Clouds and less often with a oscillator like Braids.

The open hardware module with the interesting title Ornament & Crime by mxmxmx is one of the modules where (aside from easier soldering) it doesn't make any sense to use that much panel space. That is why jakplugg made a micro version of it called μO_C. I decided to build some of these, but didn't find suitable Gerbers for the panel – so I decided to roll my own.

For anybody interested, I still have 5 in Stock.