DIY Foldcase (wood)

2 years ago

In this post I list all the wood parts needed for the foldcase. I decided to use birch multiplex because it is lightweight, stable, easy to work with and doesn't cost too much. On top of that birch multiplex stays in shape with different temperatures and humidity levels better than massive wood of other trees (there will be a difference in temperature between the inside and the outside when the synthesizer is running for hours).


Overview of the Parts. Parts A,C,D,H,E,F,I are 12mm multiplex, Parts B and are multiplex 9mm


I decided to use two material thicknesses: 12mm for most parts and 9mm for rear and front plates to save weight. All length units are in milimeters. See the table below for the raw dimensions of the wood.

Note that you could get more efficient by clever stacking of the different Parts.

Amount Name Raw Dimensions Thickness
1 Part A 437¹ × 75 12 mm
1 Part B 437¹ × 390 9 mm
1 Part C 437¹ × 85 12 mm
2 Part D 414 × 127 12 mm
1 Part E 437¹ × 85 12 mm
1 Part F 437¹ × 127 12 mm
1 Part G 437¹ × 380 9 mm
2 Part H 390 × 127 12 mm
1 Part I 437¹ × 80 12 mm

¹ Adjust this value to the width of your 3U-frame + 4mm spacing (2mm on each side).

Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Part E
Part F
Part G
Part H
Part I